Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 1, 1981 p. 120.

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Bibliographical News

A major event for the students of Urdu Literature in the West was the publication of Fraces W. Pritchett's Urdu Literature:

A Bibliography of English Language Sources (New Delhi: Manohar Publications, 1979, xvii, 162 pp., Rs. 60/-). It brought together all scattered bibliographical information published earlier and also discovered a vast number of previously unknown sources. In this section of the Annual of Urdu Studies, we shall try to keep our readers informed about the more recent publications and any older material that may come to light. We hope that the readers will cooperate with us in this effort, and send in such information regularly. The listing below is in alphabetical order according to the author; (R) means that the book is reviewed elsewhere in this issue. a

Agha, Wazir. SELECTED POEMS. Selected and Introduced by Jamil

Azar & Mushtaq Qamar. Sargodha: Maktaba Urdu Zaban, 1979 (?),

92 p., Rs. 20/-. (R)

(Wazir Agha is a contemporary Pakistani poet.)

Becker, Donald A. A REVERSE DICTIONARY OF URDU. New Delhi:

Manohar Publications, 1980, 261 p., Rs. 150/-(A list of words arranged alphabetically according to their final rather than their initial letters, of great use to linguists and poets.)

Coppola, Carlo. "Politics, Social Criticism and Indian Film Songs:

The Case of Sahir Ludhianvi." Qournal of popular Culture, X:4 (Spring 1977), pp. 897-902.

Fleming, Leslie A. ANOTHER LONELY VOICE. Berkeley: Center for South & S.E. Asian Studies, University of California, Monographs series. No. 18, 1979, 133 p. (A study of the short stories of Saadat Hasan Manto.)

Hali, Khvajah Altaf Husain. HAYAT-E-JAVED. Translated by K. H. Qadiriand David J. Matthews. Delhi: Idarah-i Adabiyat-i Delli, 1979, 242 p., glossary and index.

(Translation of the first part of Hali's biography of Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, including prefaces to the first and second editions. Original appeared in 1901.)

———MUSADDAS-E-HALI. Tr. Anonymous. Karachi: Peermahomed Ebrahim Trust, 1975, xxx, 260 p., Rs. 9/-. (R) (Prose translation of the great poem by Hali [1837-1914].)


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