Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 2, 1982 p. 101.

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Shad Azimabadi ('all Muhammad, Sad *azimabadi), 1846-1927, was an important poet who wrote in many genres. Like so many others, he has been neglected by critics and historians of Urdu literature and, at present, his fame mainly rests on his ghazals. His ghazals, particularly those in long meters, are marked by a musical quality which is very attractive, and which partially arises from his use of a very simple variety of Urdu. His themes are neither obviously erotic nor too profoundly philosophic— his choice and treatment of themes indicate a reflective personality. His masnawlyat are in a profounder \7ein.

Here we present excerpts from a book, Rubaiyat of Shad Azimabadi, compiled by Hameed Azimabadi (Patna: Hameed Azimabadi, 1946. pp. 13, 192, 32. Illust.) This book contains a selection of 95 rubaiyat—the Urdu text facing an English translation—and several forewords in English and Urdu. The English verse translation is by Nawab Sir Nizamat Jung Bahadur of Hyderabad (Deccan), based on a version done by Hameed Azimabadi.


j/jf pray td (Sod foSr death eath day

and night, GrfcfA poisoned'cup I'm quaffing with

delight. And how ^6e« L^ with ine ? Nay, tio

not ask.

I live in < hb^ o^ d^athi, in li'fe's , despite /




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