Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 2, 1982 p. 143.

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Note: (R) indicates that the book is reviewed elsewhere in this issue.

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(A rejoinder to Izzat Majeed*s "Faiz and Punjabi Poetry" which appeared in viewpoint, 1 July 1981, and criticized some of Faiz's remarks to Khalid Hasan, q.v. below.)

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POETRY. Delhi: Academic Literature, 1981, 157 pp., index. Rs. 80.00. (Available from Academic Literature; 58 Jitar Nagar Extension; Parwana Road; Delhi 110 051.) (Contents: "Expression of the Indian Mind in the Urdu Gha2al;"-Ghalib, the Difficult Poet;" "Iqbal, the Riddle of Lucretius, and Ghalib;" "The Image of Satan in Iqbal and Milton;*' ** Iqbal's Romantic Dilemma;** "The Problem of Interpretation in Mir Anis;** "A Ghazal by Ghalib; *' "A


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