Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 3, 1983 p. 121.

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1. URDU MARKAZ (LONDON), 28 Sackville Street? Piccadilly;

London, W1X IDA; U.K.

A subsidiary of the Third World Foundation, Urdu Markaz Trust was established in 1981. The objectives of the Trust are as follows:

"Be dedicated to education and research for the development of the Urdu language and literature.

"Establish a library, reading room and research facilities,

initially in London and later in other cities of the


< "The results of research will be disseminated in all

areas of the world where Urdu is spoken and to such

institutions and individuals as may be interested in the

Urdu language and literature.

"Arrange translations and publications of books from different languages into Urdu and the translations of Urdu literature and poetry into other languages.

"Bring out, at an appropriate time, a quarterly literary publication devoted to Urdu literature and poetry.

"Conduct seminars, meetings, conferences, 'mushairas' and musical and cultural functions, which help to further culture, literature and poetry."

The board of trustees consists of the following: Altaf Gauhar;

M.A.K. Yousufi and I. H. Burney. The Honorary Secretary of the Markaz is Iftikhar Arif, himself a well-known Urdu poet now residing in London.

The Markaz has spacious premises, housing a library and a reading room. It also provides space for holding frequent "mushairas" and other literary meetings. Its presence in the heart of the city of London has provided for quick and easy contact with the Urdu literati in London and outside the metropolis.

The Markaz also has a program of publications. It has already published a book entitled URDU IN BRITAIN edited by Ralph Russell. This book is a useful source of information concerning the instruction of Urdu language in British schools to the children of the immigrants and to those who have to deal with them in public institutions.

Three ongoing projects of the Markaz are:

1. A master catalogue of Urdu manuscripts in the United Kingdom. This will cover all the private and public collections. It is being prepared by Dr. Ziauddin Shakeb.


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