Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 4, 1984 p. 43.

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Faruq Hassan


Translated by the poet and Stanley Rajiva


Long ago, in a dream,

we went together, she and Iy

from the city to a dense forest.

When we reached the middle of the forest,

just to tease her a bit, to vex her,

I tied her to a tree.

Having tied her, I got busy in the harmless labor of the dream;

broke twigs and crathered dry leaves, cleaned a path and lit a fire? entangled in the dream's confusion.

It grieves me to say,

I returned to the city

and forgot to bring her back from the dream.

The dream was lost to the light of the sun.

She would still be there,

tied to that tree

waiting to be freed.

Lions and wolves

and tigers that thirst for blood

would be prowling around the tree

ready to pounce on her.


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