Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 4, 1984 p. 79.

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Fahmeeda Riyaz


Translated by C. M. Nairn


She is rather small,

that's why she looks so pretty.

Her lips pout;

her cheeks are blushing pink.

She sits gazing,

her blue eyes opened wide.

Come, play with her

as your fancy strikes

or lock her up,

or, if you wish,

put her on a shelf for all to see.

Her tiny lips question nothing.

And if the blue eyes look askance,

don't get nervous.

Just lay her down

and she'll as if fall asleep.


My hips undulate, so what? I have

a brain too, desiring knowledge,

and a heart between the breasts. Still,

if you judge my worth by certain things,

don't hurry off—stay some more.

You just took my body's measure,

now measure some limb of yours.


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