Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 4, 1984 p. 121.

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1. According to an interview published in The Herald (Karachi) of May 1984, Abdullah Hussein, the well-known author of udas NasleN and BagH, has finished his first English novel. The immigrants. "It's about the lives of the first generation of immigrants, and the second generation which has been brought up and bred in Britain. Actually, two-thirds of it is a translation and adaptation of my two novelettes, [Naseb and wapsT ka Safar]. The third part about the second generation is new. This novel is also about a lost generation. ... I am starting work on another Urdu novel, a sequel to BagH. It starts where BSgH ended and covers the epoch-making period between 1965-1970. I also plan to write two novelettes and finish udas NasleN9s English translation."

Here we may mention that a selection of stories by Abdullah Hussein, translated by Muhammad Umar Memon, has just been published in India by Orient Longman. For more details, see Bibliographical News in this issue.

2. Miss Qurratulain Hyder was awarded padma shri by the Govt. of India in January 1984. She is at present finishing her latest novel, Gardis'e Rang-e Caman.

3. "The Lahore High Court has admitted for regular hearing a writ petition filed by the poet Habib Jalib, challenging the orders of the Punjab government banning and confiscating his latest book, 'Gumbad-i-Bedar.'

"Observing that since the validity of the orders under which the book had been banned needed to be examined thoroughly, the court admitted the petition for regular hearing and issued a notice to the Advocate General accordingly." From viewpoint (Lahore), July 5, 1984.

4. "Urdu soon will replace English as the language in which business is conducted in Pakistan, the Minister in Charge of Information and Broadcasting said last week. The Minisete

"The Minister, Raja Mohammad Zafrul Haq, said President Moharamad Zia-ul-Haq has ordered all government ministries and provincial governments to introduce Urdu in their day-to-day affairs as early as possible.

"The Minister said Urdu had been introduced with no problems in his own ministry and the Ministry of Religious Affairs." From Overseas Times CJersey City), July 6, 1984.


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