Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 5, 1985 p. iii.

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Annual of Urdu Studies


Editor: C M Nairn


N. M. Rashed (1910-1975)

3 Hasan Kooza-gar

Saqi Farooqi

19 N. M. Rashed's "Safar-nama": Three Versions

23 "Beyond Blasphemy and Prayers": The Concept of God in Rashed's Poetry

Faruq Hassan

35 N. M. Rashed's "Saba wrraN": Three Versions

39 Rashed, Villon, and a Point of Textual Relation

Alamgir Hashmi

49 Poems from Mawara

51 Poems from Tran MeN AfnabT

53 Hasan, The Potter: Four Cantos

Rajmder Singh Bedi (1915-1984) 67 Lajavanti 77 A Woman

81 Progressive Writer, Progressive Filmmaker: The Films of Rajmder Singh Bedi

Leslie A Flemming

98 Prabodh and Maitriya

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