Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 5, 1985 p. 19.

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Story of a Travel

There he was effulgent

insisting that we join him

in the primal breaking of bread

and there we were

on the dawn of beginning

afraid that he the egoist

may hold us back

from our long trip

Elated by his latest triumph

drunk with joy

he may stop us from boarding

the first ever flight

travelling towards earth

We knew he loved to harangue

we knew that the sound of his own voice

was dearer to him than other things

But (remember7) we had so much to do9

We still had to pick up our passports

and wait for foreign exchange

We hadn t even locked our suitcases

But there he was

insisting that we join him

in the primal breakfast

Throughout the breakfast he rattled on about himself

I need a vicegerent for earth a good natured person my very own image

So we gave him the names of the candidates adding ours to the list

I want the trees and stones to worship me day and night I want the water and land to languish in my desire I want good and evil to be strewn at my door step I want I want

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