Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 5, 1985 p. 20.

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There weren t any trees or stones

water or land

we didn t even know good and evil

We didn t know what he talked about

So we sat through the breakfast quietly

adept in talk he went on talking by himseff

In a rush we caught our flight and in panic left behind so many of our things on heaven all our loves—resolves and joys-all our dreams things lovingly packed in suitcases

Translated by Faruq Hassan & Stanley Rajiva


He insisted we join Him in

a breakfast of light'

We were afraid as Creation-morning dawned that Egotist might prevent us

from setting out on our journey Revelling in the joy of His new success He might prevent us

from catching the first spaceship

that was taking off for Earth' We knew He had a taste for talk for words We knew He found the sound of His own voice

dearer than all the worlds We had so much else to do (do you remember9) We still didn t have our passports Our money hadn t yet come

We were packing our bags He insisted we join Him in a breakfast of light'

All during the breakfast

He kept talking about Himself "f m seeking a Regent for the Earth

someone of good character

who will be the very image of My Self" So we made a list of the candidates

and added our own name too' 'I long for trees and stones to bow down

to the ground night and day

before Me— t long for land and water to pine away

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