Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 5, 1985 p. 151.

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Mahir All No information is available at this time

Asloob Ahmad Ansan Professor of English Aligarh Muslim University author of a number of books of literary criticism

George Blecher With his wife, Lone Thygesen Blecher, George Blecher has translated many books from Swedish including the forthcoming After the Flood by P C Jersild (William Morrow & Co 1986) He has written reviews for The Christian Science Monitor The Nation and The New Republic and teaches literature in the City University of New York

Carlo Coppola Professor of Modern Languages at Oakland University and a co-editor of

the Journal of South Asian Literature

Saqi Farooqi Poet and painter now resides in London His third collection of new poems, Bahram Kf WapsT was published recently See Annual of Urdu Studies #3 for more on him The essay translated here originally appeared in Naya Daur (Karachi) #71-72(1978) pp 17-40

Shamsur Rahman Faruqi Distinguished critic and poet and founder of the magazine Habxun (Allahabad)

Leslie A Hemming Teaches at the University of Arizona Tucson author of Another Lonely Voice a study of the short stories of Saadat Hasan Manto

Rafey Habeeb Writes potery and criticism in English

Alamgir Hashmi Writes poetry and criticism in English and has recently moved from Switzerland to Islamabad Pakistan to teach English Literature at Islamic University

Faruq Hassan Poet and critic teaches at Dawson College Montreal and regularly contributes to this magazine

Muzaffar Iqbal A Ph D in Chemistry Iqbal is busily finishing two novels in Urdu He also writes criticism and has recently published a study of the novels of Abdullah Hussein (See Bibliographic News)

Khalique A Khalique Poet resides in Lahore

Naomi Lazard Distinguished poet her translations of Faiz s poems will soon be published by the Pnnceton University Press

Mark Pegors A student of Urdu language and literature for many years he is now


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