Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 6, 1987 p. 42.

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Blaraj Komal



Seeing her name in the catalogue,

I joined the crowd of buyers

So what I couldn't do with a wealth of love,

I could do by paying the price

After I paid the price

It dawned on me

That in the mirage of relations

Between her and me

There lay a third distance.


My love, what made you find

These forms of speech for me today7

Was silence not enough9

Didn't I kiss your hair, eyes, lips,

Listening to your heart,

Speaking to your heart9

Until today,

Morning dawned and night fell

In the clear mirror of intimacy.

We were never fettered by the need for speech.

So what, my love, made you find

This crowd of words and meaning,

These forms of speech9

Translated by Baidar Bakht and Leslie Lavigne


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