Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 6, 1987 p. 71.

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Nida Fazli


After a Long Time

We have met after a long time.

Come, let us leave the city behind;

At the edge of a forest

Try to drink from a water fall;

Steal time from fleeting moments

And live only for ourselves.

No-one will see us,

No-one will hear us.

You say whatever you wish;

Unafraid, I too criticize everyone I am so pleased to see every day

The New Disease

This is the new disease Of modern times;

It has no symptoms

Which can be diagnosed.

Every medicine useless,

The healer shamefully admits defeat.

Today, every flourishing field

Grows silence with its wheat:

Cold silence

Enters the belly,

Devours the glow of voices like a termite.

This well-dressed man with sealed lips

Can see,

But cannot speak;

Can think, But cannot shout.

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