Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 7, 1990 p. iii.

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^7 (1990) Editor: C. M. Nairn


1 Boy-Love in the Urdu Ghazal

Tariq Rahrnan

21 Some Problems of Urdu Lexicography

Sharnsur Rahman Faruqi

31 The Influence of Nazir Ahmad's Mirat al-'Arus (1869) on the Development of Hindi Fiction

A. S. Kaisi

45 Six Poems Azra Abbas

49 Reality Fictional and Spiritual


53 A Journey Through Time

Muzaffar Iqbal

62 Autobiography

Surendra Prakash

67 To Be or not to Be a Goddess:

The Question of Rajendra Singh BedFs Women Characters

Jamila Feldman

76 The Dastan Revival: An Overview

Frances W. Pritchett

83 Images in a Broken Mirror: The Urdu Scene in Bangladesh

Asif Aslam Farrukhi

88 A Triumph of Imagination: The Poetry of Nazir Qaiser

Kristine M. Rogers

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