Annual of Urdu Studies, v. 7, 1990 p. 143.

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Note: (R) indicates that the book is reviewed elsewhere in this issue.

Ahmad, Aijaz. "Jameson's Rhetoric of Otherness and the "National Allegory'," in Social Text, #17 (Fall 1987), pp. 3-25.

[Response to Fredric Jameson's "Third-World Literature in the Era of Multinational Capital" (Social Text, #15, Fall 1986, pp. 65-88), uses examples from Urdu literature.]

'Some Reflections on Urdu," in Seminar (New Delhi), #359 (July 1989), pp. 23-29. [Contribution to a symposium on "Literature and Society."]

Ahmad, Zamiruddin. "Purvai, the Easterly Wind," in The Toronto South Asian Review, 8:1 (Summer 1989), pp. 25-33. [Short story, translated by M.LL Memon.]

Alt, Ahmed. (Ed.) Selected Stories from Pakistan: Urdu. Islamabad: Pakistan Academy of Letters, n.d. (1983?). Rs. 90/-.

[Fourteen stories; diverse translators; good selection. Many of the translations were previously published elsewhere.]

Another Lonely Voice: The Life and Works of Saadat Hassan Manto. Lahore: Vanguard Books, 1985. 306 p. Rs.100/- paperback.

[The book is in two parts: the first is a reprint of Leslie A. Flemming's earlier book by the same name; the second contains seventeen stories, admirably translated by Tahira Naqvi.]

Arif, Iftikhar. The Twelfth Man: Poems by Iftikhar Arif. London: Forest Books, 1989. xxi, 69 p. (R)

[Thirty-three poems, translated by Brenda Walker with the poet; bi-lingual text/introductory notes by Annemarie Schimmel, Anna Suvorova, and Abdullah al-Udhari. Available from: Forest Books, 20 Forest View, Chingford, London E4 7AY; and P.O. Box 438, Wayland, MA 01788.]

Bedi, Rajindar Singh. "Bhola," in Indian Literature, #118 (Mar-Apr 1987), pp. 72-80. [Story, translated by Jai Ratan. See Prakash below.]

Beg, Mizra Khalil. Urdu Grammar: History 6' Structure. New Delhi: Bahri Publication, 1988. 238 p.

Annual of Urdu Studies, #7 143

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