Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 10-11 (Jan-June 1985) p. 2.

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From the Editor

THE focus of this issue is on Latin America. Dr. Alok Bhalla of the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, has edited this issue for us. We gratefully acknowledge his cooperation. At the

seminar we had organised at his Institute several papers were read on Marquez and Latin America, ofwhich-four have b^en selected for publication here. In addition to his introduction, Alok Bhalla has, for the benefit of our readers, compiled notes on 18 major Latin American writers. These notes, along with Kalpana Salmi's survey of Latin American Literature, should serve as a good historical and factual introduction to the Latin American literary scene. Rajadhyaksha's paper on Latin American cinema is a valuable addition to the compilation.

Eric Mottram discusses the powei relations in terms of multiple actions between domination and submission present in Marquez's fiction. Kumkum Sangari shows how a reading of Marquez's fiction must recognise a social and conceptual space in which the problem of ascertaining meaning assumes a political dimension distinctly different from the current post-modern scepticism

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