Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 12-13 (Jan-June 1987) p. 89.

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Reconstruction of the Historical Core of Vilnyus

R. Kaminkas & Yalovetskas

EVERY ancient city is characteristically satiated with architectural monuments and a sense of history This is all the more true of the city centres Centuries of development have given a specific character, scale and silouette to the city centres. The problem of preservation and adaptation to contemporary needs of the architectural heritage acquires great importance in this age of rapid urbanization After studying the experience of reconstruction of historical centres in our country and that of Czechoslovakia, GDR, Hungary, and other countries, the Scientific Restoration Production Workshop'of the Lithuanian SSR drew up a project for the reconstruction of the old part of Vilnyus The project was approved in 1959. It was the first attempt in the town's history to solve town planning problems through scientific methods.

Journal of Arts & Ideas 89

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