Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 14-15 (July-Dec 1987) p. 1.

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Conterifs^ ^^^Editor„„-„„-„-.- 5 9 Nationalism and Form in

G.P. DcshpandeManaging Editor Indian Painting : 4 Treaswer^ ^ A Study of the Bengal School

Romi Khosia Ratnabali Chattopadhyay Associate Editors

Su^aTgaH 47 • The Phaike Era :contributing Edgars Conflict of Traditional

prasanna Fonn and Modem TechnologyGeeta Kapur Ashish Rajadhyaksha Visual Arts Malini BhattacharyaNee^^kar ^9 • Mythic Material in Indian CinemaMusic Geeta Kapur Ashish RajadhyakshaAnStti 109 • Vishnu Digambar PaluskarBook Reviews Neela BhaghatAdvisory Editors

saeedAkhtarMirza 116 • Three PI aywrights of theMihir Bhattacharya •' °^.^y11 , Old Mysore ProvinceSudhir Patwardhan -' Kalpana Sahni Prasanna P. Govinda Pillai^d^d^ 123 • Politics Before and After S^r^T'11 the Annexation of Punjab^T^F SurjitHansChanchal Chauhanindirachandrashekhar ^33 ^ Karmayoga and the Rise of the .——.-„-—„- Indian Middle Class

Contact: V. Subramaniam Subscription Manager Journal of Arts & Ideas C-9 Maharani Bagh New Delhi.S^uSS^ Journal A TOTrCftTT^C A Qfor G.P. Deshpande. Of /^ j\ I O^lJL/jLj/1,0Printed at Pauls Press Nos. 14-15 July-December 1987 E 44/11 Okhia Phase II New Delhi 110020

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