Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 14-15 (July-Dec 1987) p. Back material.

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Dear Subscriber / Reader,

This is to inform you that due to the rising costs of paper and printing we have been forced to restructure the price of the Journal of Arts &Ideas in a more realtistic manner. The new rates will be as follows:

Single Copy: Rs 15 Single copy, Double issue : Rs 25

Individual annual subscription : Rs 40 & 50

Institutional annual subscription : Rs 100

Foreign annual subscription : $ 45 The new rates will come into effect with Issue No. 16 of the journal. Back issues of the journal (except No. 1) are available in compiled,

bound volumes of 4 each for Rs. 50.

For back issues write directly to :

Journal of Arts & Ideas

C-8 Maharani Bagh

New Delhi

Journal of Arts & Ideas SUBSCRIPTION FORM

Subscription Rates Indian Foreign individual (annual) Rs 40 50 Air Mail $ 45 Institutions and Burma, Pakistan, libraries (annual) Rs 100 Sri Lanka, Nepal Rs 55

-A- Rs 4 extra banking charges if by cheque

Please fill in this form, ticking the appropriate box, and send it to :

Journal of Arts & Ideas

I would like to subscribe to the JAI, starting with the forthcoming issue. I am

enclosing a cheque/draft/cash payment in favour of Journal of Arts & Ideas'

for Rs.——as subscription for—-———years.

D Individual annual

D Institutional annual

D Foreign

Name: Signature


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