Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 16 (Jan-Mar 1988) p. Back material.

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(The numbers in brackets indicate the number of the issue)

Architecture Basis': An Interview with Tarkovsky (12-13)

Tomb Technology and Waves of Slaves (1) Romi Khosia The Phaike Era: Conflict of Traditional Form and Modem Technology (14-15)

Including Iconography and Images in Architecture (7) Ashish Rajadhyaksha Mythic Material in Indian Cinema (14-15)

Romi Khosia Geeia Kapur

'Architecture to me is about construction of images and associations': Interview with Literature and Literary Theory

Satish Gujral (7) Nee-Colonialism: A Nervous Note (1)

Identity in Diversity (7) Ashok Mitra

Robi Sularto Sastrowardoyo Lu Hsun (1)

The City: Terra Incognita (7) Chanchal Chauhan

A. Gutnov "Culture' by Raymond Williams (review) (1)

Charles Correa (book review) (7) Anil Bhatti

Peter Serenyi Writer's Kitchen: Interview with Marquez (2)

The Armenian Museum of Ethnography(12-13) The Latin American Novel and Marquez (2)

levon Babayan Translating 'Shakuntalam' (book review) (2)

Reconstruction of Vilnyus (12-13) K.V.K. Sundaram

R. Kamin1(as and Yalaoetskas The Fantastic as Verbal Fabrication (3)

Alok Bhalla

Cinema The Road Revisited: An Analysis of

Technique as Ideology (1) Madan Copal Singh In the Realm of Shadows (2) 'Father Panchali' (4) Meenakshi Mukherjee On Ramanujan's Translation (book review) (4)

Arun Khopkar On Godard (book review) (2) Ashish Rajadhyaksha Gandhiana and Gandhiology (3) Ashish Rajadhyaksha Myth and Ritual: Ghatak's 'Meghe Shama Futehally Communal Elements in Late Nineteenth Century Hindi Literature (6) Sudhir Chandra The Trauma of Independence: Some Aspects of Progressive Hindi Literature 1945-47 (6)

Dhaka Tara' (3)

Ira Bhaskar A Statement of Bias (book review) (3) AlokRai Reflections of a Writer (6)

Jasodhara Bagchi Of More Than a Certain Tendency in the Bhisham Sahni Aesthetics: Some Important Problems (6) R.B. Patankar

Indian Cinema (5)

Ashish Rajadhyaksha The Linear and the Displaced: Towards a The Concept of Literary History: A Marxist Critique (6) S.V. Pradhan

Cinematic Self-Identity (5) Peter Weiss and the Aesthetics of

Arun Khopkar Resistance (6)

Colour, Sound and Movement in Cinema: AnU Bhatti

An Introduction (5)

Development as Will and Idea (review) (6)

Arun Khopkar Notes for an Aesthetic of Cinema Sound (5) Kumar Shahani Dipankar Gupta The Novel: Itihasacharya V.K. Rajwade

Ketan Mehta on 'Bhavni Bhavai' (5) Hsenstein's 'Que Viva Mexico': A Discussion (5) 1 Q.CA 101^. fU\ ibtA-lyl'O \b)Translated by Shanta Gokhale Plots on Reality (review) (9) AlokRai

On 'Solaris' and Tarkovsky (5) Madan Copal Singh Genres in Indian Cinema The Matrix of History: A Study of Satinath Bhaduri's 'Dhorai Charit Manas 1949-51' (9)

Shirshendu Chakrabarti

Sanjeev Prakash Latin American Cinema: Political Cinema (10-11) Ashish Rajadhyaksha Mikhail Bakhtin: The Politics of Language and Genre (9) Badri Raina

Those Who Left the Festivities: Georgian Cinema Today (12-13) V. Demin Christa Wolf: Cassandra: Frankfurt Lectures(9) Rekha Kamath-Rajan

'Contemporary Art Is Devoid of a Spiritual Jean Genet and Colonialism (9) Indrani Sen

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