Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 17-18 (June 1989) p. Front material.

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CMC LIMITED. India's largest one-point H^''^ e Supply of hardware and software products computer support company. ^Bff*?91 Installation and commissioning of systems

A company with a commitment. B^^^ e Environmental engineering A committment to act as a catalyst for the rapid g^Hai^ Hardware maintenance development and meaningful r^yB^SSiSW ^\ % Systems consultancy utilisation of information technology .Q y^\^\(^^~^ Software development in vital sectors of the economy. CAV 0 -B- ll '0 ' H -'-C t svstems engineering

To provide competitive, high Y^Sr Or'^Y^^^^^^ r e Data comm""lcation and quality services in all aspects Q^^ ^1^1^LM^^J^ ^W computer networks of computer support, and f^^ Aj>V^pr^ Education and Training offer cost-effective solutions ^^^^^^B programmes to his computerisation requirements. ^^lUim^^^H e Exports

Today, the range of CMC's ^^^IHllH^^^B e Research and activities includes: HHBHBHBHB Development

CMC Limited

(Government of India Enterprise)

1 A,Ring Road, New Delhi 110014. Phone.6830087

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