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Notions of the Authentic

D Anuradha Kapur

After studying English Literature at Delhi University, Anuradha Kapur completed further postgraduate studies and her doctoral disseration in theatre arts at the University of Leeds. To her earlier career of acting, with Dishantar's Adhc Adhure for example, she added directorial training with plays like Hayavadana and continued, after returning to India, to devise and direct street plays on feminist issues such as Om Swahaflw^ The Rape Bill. V\/orkin theatre during the last decade includes a devised play, This Story is Not for Telling (1985), an adaptation of Gogol's Inspector General (1989), both with Tara Arts Group in London, Tagore's Chare Baire with Vivadi (1989), and a devised play on women's representations, Nayika

Bhcd, with Vivadi (1990).

Papers on the Ramlila at Ram Nagar have appeared in Social Transformation and Creative Imagination, ed. Sudhir Chandra (NMML, Delhi, 1984), The Word and the World, ed., Veena Das (Sage, New Delhi, 1986) and Contemporary Ramayana Traditions, ed. Thiel-Horstmann et al Wiesbaden'. OttoPIarrassowitz, inpress). Her research on the performance of the Ramlila culminates in her book titkd, Actors, Pilgrims, Kings and Gods: The Ramlila at Ramnagar (Seagull, Calcutta, 1990).

She is Associate Professor at the National School of Drama, Delhi, where she teaches western drama.

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