Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 23-24 (Jan 1993) p. 2.

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ASHISH RAJADHYAKSHA is a film critic. He has written exhaustively on Ritwik Ghatak and edited various anthologies on Indian cinema, including two volumes for the Pesaro Film Festival. His current work includes the editing of an Encyclopaedia of Indian Film, to be published by the British Film Institute.

GEETA KAPUR is an art critic and has authored Contemporary Indian Artists and X.G. Subramanyan. She is in the process of completing a book of essays on contemporary cultural practice in India, based on the work done as a Fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Delhi.

RAVI VASUDEVAN did his doctoral work in history from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, and in film studies from University of East Anglia. His doctoral dissertation entitled 'Errant Males and the Divided Woman: Melodrama and Sexual Difference in the Hindi Social Film of the 1950s', is soon to be published. He is now on a fellowship at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library,'Delhi.

ANURADHA KAPUR teaches at the National School of Drama, Delhi. Her recent work in theatre include Tagore's Ghare Bhaire (1989), a devised play on women's representations, Nayika Bhed (1990), and Cora (1991). She has authored the book Actors, Pilgrims, Kings and Gods: The Ramlila at Ramnagar,

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