Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 25-26 (Dec 1993) p. Front material.

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marvel, is our engine Ig^^PH^^ ^iBSIHBa ^^P13"^ manufacturing factory at iR^^^II^H^^ ^K^i^^ffiRl Or stumble upon a Hock Alwar. Rajasthan of geese playing •tag-18 lush acres of roiling. E^^^^^^^^BBHBi^^M^Kffl amidst the Gulmohars


green parkland amidst E-^w^w:-^^^:^^:^^^^:^^^^ Step wanly when you're inhospitable terrain, around our love-birds, though. Unwarranted

The by-product of what used to be polluted, interruptions are usually met with loud. waste industrial water from our factory, indignant twitters.

Thanks to the special Effluent Treatment Starved of the sight of normal working Plant we've set up. each drop of this conditions prevalent, in most factories, you'll water is now purified, and used to green wonder where the work gets done. the environment. Well. we have saved 2 acres for the factory.

Nowadays, as you stroll through our We thought it was sufficient to compensate parkways, you'd probably chance upon as for the 18 acres of waste ground.

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