Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 27-28 (March 1995) p. Front material.

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one above, is often a

familiar sight in offices, restaurants and trains.

At Eicher, we've succeeded in transporting it to the outdoors.

It all started in 1989, at our Tractor Plant in Faridabad. We were touching pinnacles in sales. Selling more than 20,000 tractors a year. Our customers were happy.

We were not.

Because, like all other quality tractors in the market, ours too, was less than perfect. It emitted black smoke under certain conditions. (The smoke comprises of unburnt diesel and carbon monoxide). it was harmful for the farmer. It was harmful for the crops he grew. And the food we ate.

We couldn't allow that.

So we gathered our best engineers and resources,

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years of research, designing and tests later, we hit upon the solution.

The Eicher New Combustion Engine.

This useful innovation not only eliminated black smoke completely, but also increased the efficiency of the tractor. By as much as 10 to 15 per cent.

Today, if you happen to amble along a stray paddy field, you may not see a "No Smoking Zone" sign amidst the lush green fields, but the signs are there. Look closely. There, amidst swaying crops, you'll find a proud farmer. Gazing fondly at his Eicher tractor.

His eyes crinkle up in joy as he starts his machine. Together, they make a happy team.

In their own pure, fresh way, they bring nature alive. And us along with it.


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