Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 30-31 (Dec 1997) p. 1.

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Geeta Kapur Kumkum Sangari SITES OF ART HISTORY

Indira Chandrasekhar CANONS & EXPOSITIONS

Madan Gopal Singh

Ashish Rajadhyaksha GuestEditor: TapatiGuha-Thakurta


Vivan Sundaram 3 Introduction

Rajendra Prasad Romi Khosia TapatiGuha-Thakurta

ADVISORY EDITORS 7 The Making of a Visual Language:

G.P. Deshpande Thoughts on Mughal Painting

Kalpana Sahni Asad Zaidi GuJarnmoharnmedSheskh

Anuradha Kapur Anil Bhatti 33 The Construction of 'Mule' in Indian

Chanchal Chauhan Temple Architecture

Sashi Kumar AjayJ.Smha

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Malini Bhattacharya 63 Producing the Sacred:

Neela Bhagwat The Subjects of Calendar Art

Saeed Akhtar Mirza Kajrijain

Mihir Bhattacharya

M.S. Sathyu Sudhir Patwardhan 89 Marking Independence: The Ritual of a

P. Govinda Pillai National Art Exhibition

M.S. Prabhakara TapatiGuha-Thakurta

Arun Khopkar

115 The Politics of Display: India 1886 and 1986


In India AnndamDutta

Individuals (4 issues): Rs 160

Institutions (4 issues): Rs 350

Outside India

Individuals (4 issues): $ 35 The illustrations on the front and back covers of this issue refer to

Institutions (4 issues): $ 60 The Making of a Visual Language: Thoughts on Mughal Painting", by

Gulammohammed Sheikh.

WRITE TO Front cover. Plate E: Rama and Sita in the forest. Sub-imperial Mughal,

Indira Chandrasekhar c. 1600, National Museum, New Delhi.

Journal of Arts & Ideas Back cover. Clockwise. Plate C: Arya Suvrata renouncing the world,

35 A/I (second floor) Kalpasutra, Mandu, Western Indian School, AD 1439, National Museum,

Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 110 049 New Delhi; Plate A: A scene from Chandayana, early 16th century,

Tel: 649 7999 / 649 1448 Punjab State Museum, Chandigarh; Plate B: The victory of Paragjyotisa,

Bhagavatapurana, Delhi-Agra area, c. 1525-50, Dr Alvin 0. Bellak;

PUBLISHED BY Plate D: The lamentation ofLaurik the hero, Chandayana, Sultanate, first

Tulika Print Communication half of 16th century. Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay.

Services for G.P. Deshpande

Design: Vivan Sundaram


Pauls Press

E 44/11 Okhia Phase II New Delhi 110 020 ^ARTS^DEAS

NUMBERS 30-31 December 1997

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