Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 4 (July-Sept 1983) p. 78.

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Notes for contributors

The Journal of Arts and Ideas aims at meeting the need for a forum of communication where writers, artists, cultural workers, and critics can engage in a dialogue on the theoretical and practical aspects of the arts and exchange ideas on the activities they are involved in different parts of the country. It is a quarterly publication , including in its ambit the visual and plastic arts, cinema, theatre, music, dance, literature, architecture. The Journal attempts to explain and analyse the interaction of these art forms with social and political developments, thereby highlighting the close relationship the greatest art has with the common experience of the people.

The Journal invites articles in any area that falls within its scope. Articles and other editorial communications should be sent to The Managing Editor, 09 Maharani Bagh, New Delhi 110 065. Submitted manuscripts will not be returned to authors except on special request accompanied by a self-addressed, adequately stamped envelope.

Contributors are asked to submit articles in duplicate. Contributions should not normally exceed 7,000 words in length. All copies of the article should be typed on one side only of good, white quarto-size (llx9in.)paper. The article should be typed with double spacing throughout including footnotes and quotations, and with a margin of at least 1 inch on the lefthand side.

Footnotes should be indicated by superscript figures in the text and collected on separate sheets following the last page of the article. Footnote references should be given in the following order, subject to omission of irrelevant items: (1) Authors or authors' names in normal order; (2) title of the chapter or part of book cited enclosed by single quotation marks; (3) title of the work underlined; (4) editor's or translator's name in normal order preceded by^d.' or'trans/; (5) edition used in Arabic numerals (e.g., 4th edition) (6)1 the series and the number of the concerned work in the series in Arabic numerals (e.g.» Univ. of California Studies in Lit., No. 37); (7) place of publication; (8) publisher; (9) date of publication; (lO)volume number in capital Roman numerals (e.g., Vol.111); (11) page number(s) in Arabic numerals.

Tables^ charts and diagrams should be attached on separate sheets at the end of the article, and their position indicated in the text. Contributors should send illustrations to accompany their article wherever possible. Alternatively they should indicate what kind of pictures can be used to illustrate the article and where these would be available.

Authors submitting an article do so on the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, exclusive copyright in the paper will be assigned to the publisher, The publisher will supply 20 offprints of each article. Further offprints may be ordered at extra cost» in advance.

Contributions should be accompanied by a separate sheet of paper with the name and full mailing address of the author, and a short bio-data about 50 words in length which will be used in the notes on contributors.

^g July-September 1983

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