Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 5 (Oct-Dec 1983) p. Back material.

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Tomb Technology and Waves of Slaves Romi Khosia Modern Indian Painting, Geeta Kapm

Interview with Fntz Bennewitz, Rail Barthol^mni and Anuradfia Kapur The IP7A in Bengal, Mahm Bhattacharya Writers' Kitchen An interview with Marquez, Translated from the Russian by Kalpana Sahm Viewer's View Looking at Pictures Gulam mohammed Sheikh The Dance in India, Rajtka Pun Gandhiana and Gandhiology, Avhtsh Rajadhyaksha I he Road Revisited Father Panchah Meenak'ihi Mukherjee Traditional Ind^n and Western Theatre Ayappa Pamker the Khayal, Neela Khopkar


Ptter Weiss and the "Aesthetics of Resistance, Ami Bhatti Problems of Literary History S V Pradhan On Manik Bandhopadhyaya M Bhattacharya

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