Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 6 (Jan-Mar 1984) p. 1.

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& Treasurer

Romi Khosia 5 Communal Elements in Late

Associate Editors Nineteenth Century Hindi

Vivan Sundaram Literature

Indira Chandrashekhar Chanchal Chauhan Sudhir Chandra

Contributing Editors 19 The Trauma (^f Independence:

Prasanna Theatre Some Aspects of Progressive Hindi

Geeta Kapur Literature, 1945-47

Visual Arts Alok Rai

Malini Bhattachary

Literature 35 Reflections of a Writer

Neela Khopkar

Music Bhisham Sahni

Anil Bhatti A ^

Book Reviews 43 Aesthetics: Some Important

Advisory Editors Problems

Saeed Akhtar Mirza R. B. Patankar

Mihir Bhattacharya

M.S. Sathyu 67 The Concept of Literary History: A

Sudhir Patwardhan Kalpana Sahni Marxist Critique

P.Govinda Pillai S. K Pradhan


Subscriptions 75 Peter Weiss and the Aesthetics of

Individual Resistance

Rs 2 5.OO/annum* Anil Bhatti

Institutions &

Libraries Rs 40.00/annum* 82 Development as Will and Idea

*Rs 4.00 banking Book Review by Dipankar Gupta

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A page from a recent Short Story Pali by Bhisham Sahni

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