Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 7 (April-June 1984) p. 4.

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ROMI KHOSLA is a practicing architect in Delhi and heads. The Group for Rural and Urban Planning. He has written extensively on architecture, in journals abroad and in India and is author of Buddhist Monasteries in the Western Himalaya.

SATISH GUJRAL is a painter, sculptor muralist and architect Lives and works in Delhi.

ROBI SULARTO SASTROWARDOYO is an architect who lives in Bali. He was the Head of the Architecture Department ofUdayana State University and has been deeply involved in Urban planning work He is a member of the National Research Council of Indonesia.

DR. ALEXEI GUTNOV, Professor, Architect & Town Planner, Moscow. Amongst his many publications is the "New Elements of resettlemenF which has been translated into many languages.

PETER SERENYI teaches at Northeastern University in the United States. He has organised a number of exhibitions there on contemporary Indian architecture and has written extensively on Le Corbuswr's work in India. He has received grants from the Graham Foundation and Fulbright and is currently in India under a Smithsonian Grant to write a book on Modern Indian Architecture.

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