Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 7 (April-June 1984) p. 37.

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"Architecture to Me is About Construction of Images and Associations "

Interview with Satish Gujral


T IS rare for two architects to sit down and discuss each other's work. The Journal of Arts and Ideas asked SATISH GUJRAL and ROMI KHOSLA to get together and discuss architecture. As it happened, the discussion centred around Satish GujraFs work. Gujral has only recently started working as an architect—a designer of buildings. Earlier his preoccupations were paintings, murals and sculpture, and his journey into architecture has inevitably produced very controversial reactions. Romi Khosia on the other hand is a formally trained architect who has discussed his work elsewhere in this issue.

ROMI KHOSLA: Sometimes, you know Satish, we as formally trained architects despair that the educational requirements to take a course in architecture make it imperative to take science and maths as subjects. This sort of rigid rule automatically excludes many creative people from entering this field. Its a sort of rule that is made to ensure that there is an engineering bias to architecture and certainly, when we look around us at the many awful buildings going up, some of us really worry. So your debut into architecture is really refreshingi I wonder how you got into it in the first place.

SATISH GUJRAL: You are aware of my inclination for muralism from the very outset—now, the techniques of a mural do not only require a very thorough understanding of architecture but also an involvement with it A mural utilizes architecture as a canvas. Similarly as the texture of a canvas and also its dimensions play a considerable part in determining the design and expression of a painting, the character of 3 wall affects a mural. The comparison might seem

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