Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 8 (July-Sept 1984) p. 1.

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Editor ContentsPERFORMANCE THEORYA Approach to Topoanalysis and to the Paradigmatics of Dramaturgic SpaceDarko Suvin THEATRE .INTERVIEW^ 'An armoured car on the road to proletarian revolution'Utpal Dutt by Malini Bhattacharya and Mihir BhattacharyaTHEATRE: CRITICISM^ Western Responses to Traditional Indian TheatreAksharaKV.^ Portfolio of Drawings K. PrabhakaranLITERARY THEORY^ The Changing TextKumkum SangariLITERARY DOCUMENT The NovelItihasacharya V.K. Rajwade (1864-1926) Translated by Shanta Gokhale^ARMDEASNUMBER EIGHT July-September 1984

G.P. DeshpandeManaging Editor & Treasurer

Romi Khosia Associate Editors

Vivan Sundaram Kumkum Sangari 3Contributing Editors

Prasanna Theatre Geeta Kapur Visual Arts Malini Bhattacharya ^ C Literature Neela Khopkar Music Ashish Rajadhyakhsa Films Anil Bhatti Book ReviewsAdvisory Editors ^ ^4-4

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