Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 9 (Oct-Dec 1984) p. 4.

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porary 'barbaric situation' is interesting and certainly worth a debate. Rekha Kamath-Rajan has provided a brief outline of yet another European writer looking at Greece. Understandably Wolfs position has generated a polemic against itself Wolfs position is far from materialist/The inherent idealism other position which Rekha Kamat does not discuss and her unconvincing mixing of feminism and socialist commitment of which Rekha Kamat does talk, gives some idea of an interesting debate in the GDR today.

The two essays on Genet and on Satinath Bhaduri strangely have one thing in common. If Genet attempts to visualise represssion and exploitation through the portrayal of Blacks and Whites, Bhadurfs novel thinks of a relationship between the urban and the rural. But there the similarity, if one could use that term at all, ends. In Genet the element of violence and more importantly his understanding of his own world make his plays outstanding theatre. Bhaduri, it would appear, never succeeded in internalising that world. As Chakrabarti points out, his effort was 'to show what they feel about it (reality).' The two articles, one by Sen on Genet and the other on Bhaduri, explore the writers' response to their contemporary reality.

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