Journal of South Asian Literature. v 11, V. 11 ( 1976) p. 25.

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(New Poems: 1952-53)


I have learnt to revel in the stone, Hard, cold, heavy, shapeless, solid stone, To turn away from all that seems to flow Elusively; time, water, blood around the bone;

The flare and flux of what 1s merely show

For something real like a common stone,

Not to be caressed, like flesh, but hard as bonCc

I have learnt to love the texture of a stone, Rough or smooth but all unyielding stone, Which splays no facile game of outward show, And holds itself together as a bone;

It does not feel the paralysing flow Of everything that is not hard as stone But shares its nature like the hidden bone.

*From Sixty Poems (Bombay, 1953). Reprinted by permission of the author

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