Journal of South Asian Literature. v 11, V. 11 ( 1976) p. 133.

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Kick me around a bit more, 0 Lord. I see at last there's no other way for me to learn your simplest truths.

The vices I've always had

I still have

The virtues I've never had

I still do not have

From this Human Way of Life

Who can rescue Man

If not his Maker?

Do thy duty, Lordi

Fly with the sparrow

but once a day,

thou cans't not, on that day,

be altogether unhappy.

Grant me, 0 Lord, the imagination

to fly with the sparrow

at least once a day.

N09 Lord,

not the fruit of action

is my motive,

But do you really mind

half a bite of it?

It tastes so sweet,

and I'm so hungry.

^Printed by permission of the author and courtesy of Gallery Chemould (Bombay), These Poster Prayers (Words: Nissim Ezekiel -- Design: R. K. Joshi) were on exhibition held at Gallery Chemould from 10-20 March 1975.

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