Journal of South Asian Literature. v 11, V. 11 ( 1976) p. 179.

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THE SLEEPWALKERS a one-act farce*

Dramatis Personae

Mr. West an American official

Mrs. West his wife

Mr. Edward Morris an American magazine

publisher Mrs. 01ga Morris his wife Mr. Raman Mrs. Raman

Prof. Shah guests at a reception for Mrs. Shah Mrs. and Mrs. Morris Mr, Kapur y Mrs. Kapur ! Mr. Varma Miss Ganguli A Bearer

Airport back centre^ drawing room in the foreground. When the curtain opens^ the airport area is lit up^ the drawing room is in darkenss. At the foot of ramp attached to a partially visible airplane are Wo figures with back to audience. They are Mr. and Mrs. West. In the drawing room is the rest of the oast^ Indian guests at a reception for an American visitor. Overemphasis on Indian furniture 3 carpets^ objets d^art and decorative bits and pieces indicates American home in India.

Mr. West is in a lounge suit. Mrs. West in a sedate dress. They are a elderly 3 genial couple.

The Indian guests are in masks. They are a varied lot but it is not necessary to describe them. Their physical characteristics^ clothes^ etc. can be easily imagined by the director. He should seek to rftype!f them and avoid individuality.

*From Three Plays (Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 1969). Reprinted by permission of the author and the publishers.

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