Journal of South Asian Literature. v 11, V. 11 ( 1976) p. Back material.

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Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 are out of print No 6 "Bengal Literature and History," Edward C Dimock, Editor, Fall 1967 $2 00

No 8 "Community and Agricultural Development in Pakistan Speeches of Akhter Hameed Khan ' (three speeches made at Michigan State University in the fall of 1966), Winter 1969 $1 00

No 9 "Bengal Regional Identity/' David Kopf, Editor, Spring 1969 $250

No 10 "The Punjab in Nineteenth Century Tracts An Introduction to the Pamphlet Collections

in the British Museum and India Office," by N Gerald Barrier, Summer 1969 Out of Print

No 11 "International Organization A Classified Bibliography," by Harold S Johnson and Baljit

Singh, Fall 1969 $300

No 12 "Urban Bengal," Richard L Park, Editor, Winter 1970 $300 No 13 "Bengal East and West," Alexander Lipski, Editor Winter 1970 Out of Print No 14 "The Punjab Press, 1880 1905," by N Gerald Barrier and Paul Wallace, Summer 1970 $300

No 15 "Introduction to Onya" and "The Onya Writing System," by Dan M Matson, Summer

1971 $300

No 16 "Bengal Change and Continuity," Robert and Mary Jane Beech, Editors, Summer 1971 Out of Print

No 17 "Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's History of the Bijnor Rebellion," translated by Hafeez Malik

and Morris Dembo, Summer 1972 $3 50

No 18 "Prelude to Crisis Bengal and Bengal Studies in 1970," Peter Bertocci, Editor, Summer

1972 Out of Print

No 19 "Political Stability and Continuity in the Indian States during the Nehru Era, 1947 1964 A

Statistical Analysis," by Baljit Singh and Dhirendra K Vajpeyi, Spring 1973 $300

No 20 "Three Essays by Akhter Hameed Khan Land Reform, Rural Works, and the Food

Problem in Pakistan," Spring 1973 Out of Print

No 21 "West Bengal and Bangladesh Perspectives from 1972," Barbara Thomas and Spencer

Lavan, Editors, Summer 1973 $4.00

No 22 "Bangladesh History, Society and Culture- An Introductory Bibliography of Secondary

Materials," by Peter J Bertocci, Fall 1973 $1 00

No 23 "Marxist Influences and South Asian Literature," Volume I and Volume II, Winter 1974 $600

No. 24 "A Comprehensive Bibliography of Pakistan Archaeology: Paleolithic to Historic Times,"

by Denise E King, Spring 1975. $2.50

No. 25 "Bengal in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century," by John R McLane, Editor, Fall 1975 $4.50


No 1 "Modern Chinese Authors A List of Pseudonyms," by Austin C W Shu, Spring 1969 $200 No 2 "On MaoTse Tung A Bibliographic Guide,' by Austin C W Shu, Summer 1972 $350

No 3 "An Index to Chinese Archaeological Works Published in the Peoples Republic of China,

19491965 by CM Chen and Richard B Stamps, Winter 1973 $350

No 4 "China in Maps 1890-1960- A Selective and Annotated Cartobibliography, Jack F $500 Williams, Fall 1974

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