Mahfil. v 1, V. 1 ( 1963) p. 20.

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Mahfil^ vol. l^ noo 1 20

If you can seize it 9 then do so --I mean^ seize the name of RamJ Or else afterwards you will repent When you breathe your last.

Just calling "ThouiH ^houj(t I become Thou,

In me no "I11 reiiiains.

I swear on your name 5

Wherever I look 9 there you are.

When the flame arose 9 the whole body burned And the roof tile was torn down. The yogi who was 5 became absorbed s;

On the place where he dwelt only ashes renain.

Don1! say it's only separation... Virah is kingi

In whose heart Virah does not exist a That heart is forever a crematory ground.

The body is a sitar whose veins are strings.

Virah plays on it constantly.

No one else but the Lord

And my heart can hear its tune.

The path is long and home is far away 5 The path is rougli and bandits prowl about. Tell me 9 0 saints 9 how can it be obtained? The sight of Hari is not easy to obtain,

I shal] burn this body to ashes

So that smoke will rise into the sky.

Then Ram may be merciful

And send rain to extinguisli the fire.

Hay tills body burn to lampblack 5 Then I will write the name of Ram. Making a pen of my bones 9

I will write Ram's nane again and again and sent it to him.

I will make this body a lamp,

For a vick I shall uss ay soul.

I shall drench i'L with blood as though 1^ were oil.

Then I shall see the face of my beloved.

The many qualities of God Are written in my heart. 1 do not drink water 9 Else they be washed away.

The arrow the guru shot me with --That arrow has lodged in my heart. Kill me vith that arrow today 5 Or else I shall not obtain mercy.

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