Mahfil. v 1, V. 1 ( 1963) p. 21.

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The following is a selected bibliography of English sources for the study of Kabir,

Adi Grantho trans. and ed, E, Trumpp, Londons W, PL Alien and Co.5 1877.

Kabir ^ trans. and ed. S. J, Jhabvala, Bombays Popular Press Ltd,9 n,d»

Son^s of Kabir c> trans, Rabindranath Tagore9 intro^ Evelyn Underbill. Few Yorks hacmillan Co•9 1916«

Secondary Sources

Burns 9 R, "Kabir^ Kabirpanthis9" EncycloDaedia of Religion and Ethics, James liastings (ed,)^ vol. 7» New York s Chas» Scribnei^s Sons 9 191^9 ?39-?1»

Gilmore9 George W. '^11^69 311^13^9^ The New Schaff-Herzog Ij^icyclopedia of religious Knowledge, oamuel M, Jackson (od. )9 vol. 10»New York:F52FaRd i'Jagnalls9 €0.9 19119 ^08-411.

Grierson9 George A» nBhakti-Marga9ll Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics^ James Hastings (ed,)9 vol.ST^New York:

Charles Scribner's Sons 9 19109 ?30-?1.

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Macauliffe9 h. A, The Sildi Relicion. vol. 6. Oxfords Oxford University Press 9 1909,

Single Pritam, Saints, ,and Sages of India^ Mew Delhi o' Hew Book Society of India 9^1940,

Westcott9 Go II, Kabir and the Kabir Pantho Cewnporcs Christ Church Iiission Press 9 1907^

Wilson9 H, II. The ii.eli°:iors, Sects of India> Madras? The Christian Literacure SocicLy of India9 19014-•

Portodicals Gupta9 P. C< (IKabir9^ Contenroorary Indian Literature, March9

19629 pr< i^ff.

Ramsaran9 J, A. ttThe Tradition of Bhakti Poetry in Hindi 9n The Kibbert Journal o April 9 19^5 PP. 2L^L{-53.

Stahl9 R» "Kabirs Poet arid Mystic/^ The Hibbcrt Journal o July9 1W, PP. 35^Q.

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