Mahfil. v 1, V. 1 ( 1963) p. 21.

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Surjan Singh then proclaimed, ^ou people will have no difficulty in accepting that a man, who, even though he himself be hurt, still gets a poor peasant's full cart out of a bog and pushes it out of a canal, surely has courage in his heart and is the abode of self-confidence and generosity. Such a man would never torment the poor. His will is resolute who keeps his intellect firm. Even though he be deceived he will never shrink from compassion and duty.lf



Carlo Coppola

The following is a selected bibliography of English sources for the study of Prem Chand. Materials presented here are based on the holdings of the University of Chicago libraries. Unless otherwise indicated, all translations are from the Hindi. I wish to thank here Mr. Donald Johnson of the South Asian Reference Center of the University of Chicago library for his assistance in preparing this bibliography.


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