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Table of Contents for the Journal of South Asian Literature. v. 11.
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Verso p. Verso
Nissim Ezekiel: A Biographical Sketch p. 1
Introduction p. 3
Poems p. 9
Poems From A Time To Change p. 11
Poems From Sixty Poems p. 25
Poems From The Third p. 47
Poems From The Unfinished Man p. 61
Poems From The Exact Name p. 71
Poems Written And/Or Published Between 1965-1974 p. 85
Poems Poster Poems (1973) p. 119
Poems Poster Prayers (1973) p. 133
Poems Written In 1974 p. 139
Plays p. 155
Plays Marriage Poem: A Tragi-Comedy p. 157
Plays The Sleepwalkers: A One-Act Farce p. 179
Criticism p. 191
Criticism: Naipaul's India and Mine p. 193
Critical Articles p. 207
Critical Articles Nissim Ezekiel: Pilgrimage and Myth p. 209
Critical Articles The Poetry of Nissim Ezekiel p. 223
Critical Articles Myth and Imagery In The Unfinished Man: A Critical Reading p. 229
Critical Articles The Development of Technique in the Poetry of Nissim Ezekiel p. 241
Critical Articles The Religious-Philosophical Strain in Nissim Ezekiel's Poetry p. 253
Critical Articles Poster Prayers of Nissim Ezekiel p. 263
Critical Articles Four Plays of Nissim Ezekiel p. 265
Critical Articles Ezekiel As Book Reviewer p. 273
A Selected Bibliography of Works By and On Nissim Ezekiel p. 283
Notes on Contributors p. 287
Back material p. Back material

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