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Table of Contents for the Mahfil. v. 2.
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Front Cover p. Front cover
Front Cover p. Front cover
Front Cover p. Front cover
Table of Contents p. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Table of Contents p. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Table of Contents p. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Contributors p. i
The Family p. 1
Editorial p. ii
Four Poems p. 1
Four Poems: Life, an Old Hag; The Smell of Adam's Son; Nimrod's Land; Sheba in Ruins p. 1
My Story p. 6
Extracts from Udaas Naslen p. 6
Three Poems: To the People of My Time, Once in a While, Waiting p. 10
Bua Sobhi p. 12
Two Poems p. 13
The Call of a Link Left Out of the Creative Process p. 16
Some Sanskrit Lyric Poems p. 17
Two Poems p. 17
Four Poems: That Man; A Page from My Diary; The Silver Bath; On the Anniversary of a Death p. 17
The Tripod p. 19
The Ring p. 20
Two Poems: A Heart and a Shoe, The Last Song of the Twentieth Century p. 24
Cargo p. 23
No Reason, No Rhyme p. 24
The Ingrate p. 25
Yazid's Soliloquy p. 28
Extra Fare p. 29
Studies in Indian Languages and Literatures at Prague: I. Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu p. 30
The Lost Eyes p. 30
Only Ten Rupees p. 31
The Umbrella p. 31
Four Poems p. 36
Two Poems: The Krishnachura Tree; Poem p. 36
Five Mundari Jadur Songs p. 39
Review: An Anthology of Sanskrit Court Poetry p. 40
Three Poems: The Meeting; The Window; Waasookht p. 39
Review: The Loss of India p. 41
Review: India, A Critical Bibliography p. 43
Review: Munshi Premchand: A Literary Biography p. 44
The Wild Woman p. 43
Review: The Dhammapada (with an Essay on the Buddha and the Occident) p. 45
Review: Toontoony Pie and Other Tales from Pakistan p. 46
Review: The Cat and Shakespeare p. 47
Index to Mahfil, A Quarterly of South Asian Literature, Volumes I and II p. 49
Two Poems: Poem; Seven Strings of Pearls p. 49
Once a Man p. 50
The Old Bookseller p. 51
Notes on Contributors p. 53
Come snake, bite my heel p. 52
New Birth p. 53
Thatha p. 63
Notes on Contributors p. 67

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