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Table of Contents for the Mahfil. v. 6.
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Front Cover p. Front Cover
Front Cover p. Front Cover
Table of Contents p. Table of Contents
Acknowledgments p. ii
Table of Contents p. Table of Contents
Table of Contents p. Table of Contents
To Tell You the Truth p. 1
Acknowledgments p. iii
Two Poems p. 1
Introduction p. 1
Comments on the Symposium p. 3
Some Problems Of Teaching South Asian Literature in the United States p. 7
The Story p. 9
Lovers p. 9
From Potter's Wheel to Dragon's Teeth p. 17
Toba Tek Singh p. 19
Possibilities in the Teaching of South Asian Literatures p. 19
The Prospects for the Teaching of Chinese Literature in the United States p. 23
Three Poems p. 25
Four Poems p. 27
Two Poems p. 29
Versions of a Colossus: A Review of Gordon C. Roadarmel's Translation of Premchand's Godaan p. 31
Poems by Eleven Telegu Poets p. 33
Camels in the Pleasure-Garden: Notes on the Problems of Translating and Teaching Sanskrit Poetry p. 33
Some Recent Hindi Poems p. 39
Tamil Literature in Translation p. 41
Of Spinning, Weaving, and Mystical Poetry p. 51
The Resignation: A Fully Indian Novel p. 61
Kabir p. 63
Towards a Definition of Modernity in Modern Marathi Poetry p. 71
Review: Asian Ideas of East and West: Tagore and His Critics in Japan, China, and India p. 73
Review: Thieves in My House p. 77
Review: Partings in Mimosa p. 80
A Fraternity with Diversity and Individuality p. 83
Review: This Time of Morning and Storm in Chandigarh p. 84
Notices p. 89
Five Vacanas p. 91
Notes on Contributors p. 93
Index to Volumes V & VI p. 95
The Champak Flower p. 95
Tappili Cup p. 105
The Girl I Killed p. 113
Urdu Literature and Mughal Decline p. 125
Review: Pather Panchali p. 133
Review: Sanskrit Poetry from Vidyakara's Treasury p. 134
Review: Shodh: Tattva aur Drsti p. 137
Review: Nayaker prabesh o prasthan p. 139
Review: Urdu: Readings in Literary Urdu Prose p. 143
Review: Three Mughal Poets p. 145
Review: Draupadi and Jayadratha and Other Poems; Man's Fall and Woman's Fallout; Kanchanjanga: S Sym p. 147
Notes on Contributors p. 153

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