Social Scientist. v 9, no. 100 (Nov 1980) p. 55.

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Sectoral Terms of Trade and Changing Pattern of Income Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

A MOVEMENT in domestic terms of trade profoundly influences the process of income distribution between different sectors, and within the same sector between different classes, such as between affluent farmers and the poor peasants in the agricultural sector, finding concrete expression in the fixation of rents and farm wages, the conditions of tenancy and share-cropping, between the bourgeoisie capitalist and the working class in the industrial sector as reflected in the movement of industrial wages and profits, and between different regions or sub-regions as revealed by outflow and inflow of resources.

The object of this paper is limited, to make an attempt at analysing changes in income distribution between agricultural and non-agricultural sectors in Madhya Pradesh and also to highlight a few aspects of intra-sectoral and infra-regional distribution of income in the state, caused by changes in sectoral terms of trade. Paucity of data does not permit a detailed examination of different issues involved in terms of trade. ^

Methodology and Data Source

For the purpose of this study, data regarding the net state domestic product (SDP) by origin of industry have been taken from the estimates of SDP prepared by the directorate of econo-

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