Social Scientist. v 10, no. 104 (Jan 1982) p. Back material.

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A theoretical quarterly in English sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It publishes studies on Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong thought^ academic papers of the different branches of philosophy and social sciences, and researches into new problems and phenomena in China^s socialist modernization.

Price: Single 33.60, 1 yr. 112.00, 2yrs. 224.00, 3yrs. 33600.

* Subscriber copies will be air freighted from China and will be re-mailed from India*

* For specimen copy send single copy's price plus Rs 1.00 for record delivery.


14, Ramanath Majumdar St., Kiosk-11,

P 0 Box 10815, Loknayak Bhawan,

Calcutta - 700 009. New Delhi -110 003

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