Social Scientist. v 10, no. 105 (Feb 1982) p. Verso.

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Monthly Journal of the

Indian School of Social Sciences


NUMBER 2 1982


Prabhat Patnaik

Editorial Note 1

Editorial Board El Salvador: Towards Another Viet-

Jacob Eapen nam

Kitty Menon Sujit Dutta 4

Madhu Prasad

Neutron Bomb: American Dream and

Editorial Office Global Nightmare C Raja Mohan 18

423, V P House,

New Delhi-110001

Communalism and Communal Vio-

lence in India

Circulation and Zoya Khaliq Hasan 25


PB No 116 On the Problem of a Theory of

Trivandrum-695 001 Knowledge in Marx

Satinath Chakraborty 40

Subscription Rates


Single Copy : Rs 6

(Rs 8 in Bangladesh, Technology Policy and Self-Reliance

Pakistan and M J K Thavaraj 56

Sri Lanka)

Annual : Rs 65

Half-yearly : Rs 35 BOOK REVIEWS


(Annual in US Essays in Honour of Dr Gyanchand

dollars) Ashok Mitra 63

^ea Mail: 18

Air Mail: 30 (USA and Canada) 24 Infra-Firm Trade and Developing Countries

(Other countries) Venkataraman Bhaskar 65

Articles^ note and review express the vie-ws of the authors and not

necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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