Social Scientist. v 11, no. 118 (March 1983) p. 1.

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i4-\RLMARX died exactly a hundred years ago. These hundred (/ rs h<.ve been characterised by convulsions unprecedented inhuman history, convulsions marking the historical decline of capitalism and rpaY^kEnd's transition from capitalism to socialism. Marx's conclusion

?hat Cipstal^m ss a historically trjn^cnt mode of production whose inner 3 iw of motion i. such that it inevitably leads to its revolutio-

n try ( uoersec^ion by socialism has be^n resoundingly validated by real

^'slor But the truth of Marxism lies not merely in this validation;

it ^v » even rrore emphatically in the fact that the revolutionary >sw (1 sion of capitalism by socialism has been consciously achieved fhro'j, n ;he comprehension of the historical process provided by Marx The t^st of human practice has vindicated the truth of Maixssm; and the strength of Marxism derives from its truth.

The fact that during these hundred years Marx's ideas have o. ?n mc'ssintly attacked is as much a symptom of this strength as t1!1 t ict that their infljcnce has spread remarkably nonetheless. "^r Micc^i e generation of bourgeois scholars has felt the ' su '} \^\ ign^ d t^ n'fdte Marx's id ^ n vet again, to underline yet .. a -uh * <^le^t'! fixity of hiA proph^.ies, to banish him yet again to t iv' m'dL'rw^rU of science o^ to accuse hLn yet again of being the pmv. 7 ^r of a n ' v religion; this howzv^r only testifies to the strength ind v^uHly of ^s^ id^as. Indeed, no o^ier soci il tliinker in human ui^lo!/ his had so profound an inflii'nj^ as Kirl Mirx,

Tt Marxisin merely served to arouse what B'nsard Shaw once;

cili:d ' sociological rage", theri it W)iild hivj- yielded place to some ri^v doctnnj lon^ ago, jast as Fourier or Proudhon or the Ricardi in Soc-i} hst^ or B ikunin yielded place to Marx. If Marxism consisted of the trile act of reading class struggle into history, as SJiumpeter ^ug^.^lcd, in o'der to whip up moral indignation in fa^ou1' of a socialist revokmon, then some otherinnoviiionofan •ssm" w

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