Social Scientist. v 11, no. 123 (Aug 1983) p. Verso.

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Social Scientist

Monthly Journal of the Indian School of Social Sciences



EDITORIAL BOARDM J K Thavaraj Editorial Note • 1 Jacob Eapen Kitty Menon Madhu Prasad

EUTTORTAT OFFTrp ^ Salvador: Perspectives on a Revolutionary Civil 424, V P House, ^ar New Delhi-110001 gusan Ram 3

CIRCULATION AND ADVERTISEMENTTri a d m-695001 Peasant Movement and Agrarian Change in India— G S Bhalla 39 SUBSCRIPTION RATESINLAND 3 years : Rs 1502 years : Rs 120 Communalism and the Writing of Medieval Indian Annual : Rs 65 rr An • r (Students : Rs 50) ^^ A ^PPraud Half-yearly : Rs 35 - Harbans Mukhia 58 Single copy : Rs 6

FOREIGN (Annual in U S dollars) BOOK REVIEW Sea Mail : 18Air Mail Poverty and famines (USA and Canada) : 30 ' ' (Other countries) : 24 — C T Kurien 66

Articles and review express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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