Social Scientist. v 12, no. 132 (May 1984) p. Verso.

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Social Scientist

Monthly Journal of the Indian School of Social Sciences



Prabhat Patnalk

EDITORTAL BOARD Editorial J^ote 1

M 3JK Thavaraj Indian Bourgeoisie and Foreign Capital: A Study of Kitty Menon Congress Policy towards Foreign Capital^ 1931-1961 Madhu Prasad — Saumitra Chaudhury 3

EDITORIAL OFFICE A Note on Transfer Pricing—Some Theoretical

424 v P House Issues and Empirical Evidence New Delhi-110001 — Sridhar Krishna 23

CIRCIJI ATTON AND Accumulating Changes in the Nature of Controls in

ADVERTISEMENT tne Indian Economy

24/1212, Mettukkada. — Amal Sanyal 33 Trivandrum-695 014

Rural Development in Haryana: A Study of Growing

SUBSCRIPTION RATES Inter-Sectoral and Infra-Sectoral Disparity

INLAND —DP Ghanghas 43

3 years : Rs 150 NOTF^ 2 years : Rs-120 I\01^S

Annual : Rs 65 The New Import-Export Policy

(Students; Rs 50) _. Biswajit Dhar 51 Half-yearly ; Rs 35 Single copy . Rs 6 Why the US is Hostile towards the UN System

— C Jayaraj 53 FOREIGN (Annual in U S dollars) BOOK REVIEWS

Sea Mail : 18 Amiya Bagchi and the Political Economy of Under-

(USA and Canada) : 30 development (Other countries) : 24 — T J Byres 64

Articles, notes and review express the views of the authors and not necessarily of the editors or of the Indian School of Social Sciences.

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