Social Scientist. v 12, no. 132 (May 1984) p. Back material.

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The Left Front Government is ever vigilant to protect the interests of the working class

On historic May Day, the Left Front Government renews its pledge to stand by the working class

Ever since the inception of the Left Front Government in 1977, it has upheld the cause of the toiling masses. The Government sought to promote and ensure trade union rights and legitimate forms of unhindered trade union movements. Police intervention in such matters were stopped and the workers gained self-confidence and self-respect. The Left

Front Government re-instated almost all those workers who


were rendered jobless as a result of anti-labour policy followed between 1972 and 1977. Workers and labourers in Tea, Jute and Engineering industries won rightful demands to a degree matchless in the state. Broadbased tripartite and bipartite bodies were revived and collective bargaining encouraged to maintain harmonious industrial relations. Industrial disputes witnessed a sharp decline. Amendment of important labour laws have provided better relief, protection and other social security measures for workers. Steps have been taken to effectively implement Minimum Wages especially in the case of rural labourers.

Despite constraints the Left Front Government is carrying on its incessant struggle to protect the rights of the working class. And in so doing it has created a new and improved industrial climate in the state, a climate that will inspire our working people for a better more prosperous tomorrow.

Government of West Bengal

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